Warrior Cats RPG: Defend Your Clan Forever Backup

Welcome to the Warrior Cats RPG:  Defend Your Clan Forever Backup Site!

Hello to all of our loyal members, this is the requested back-up site!  We apologize for the countless number of times where bandwidth issues have frozen the site.  This site is here to ensure that in case it happens again, you will have a place to go.

We know that there has been a lot of talk about bandwidth issues getting resolved, but not as much action.  There are a few reasons (excuses) for this.

#1.  Getting more bandwidth costs money.  The site is unable to take donations because there is no PayPal account for them to be received at.  If anyone did donate during the brief time it was possible, their donations were given back to them.
#2.  The more the site grows, the more bandwidth is needed.  It may not need much now, but as it becomes more and more active, more is needed.  A little charge here and there adds up.  In fact, the main site currently has more bandwidth implemented, but it is not enough to support the activity level.
#3.  In most cases, we are not the ones doing the actual purchasing.  Most money we spend on the site is indirect.  Relying on others for the direct purchasing is not a stable method.

Despite all this, there is a way called credits to purchase more bandwidth.  Webs gives you five credits per day, 1gb more bandwidth costs 1,000.  We currently have 915 credits.  This means an approximation of 17 more days until we can get 1gb more.  Stone has also kindly decided to donate money to buy another 1gb for the site.

1gb will solve a lot but not everything; and the extra bandwidth will run out, but we don't have to worry until next year.  We have about 2.5gb currently.  This means that if it will freeze, it will delay the freezing of the site until very late; it is possible but not clear if the freezing will be put off so late that the bandwidth will reset for the next month before it gets frozen.

For now, continue your adventures on this back-up site!